A cat head on an Astronaut! What could be better.
A Catronaut!

I think putting cat heads on people is absurdly funny, so much so that I made an app that lets you do that.  It’s not lighting the world on fire which is OK.  I would be concerned if it did light the world on fire….that would be proof that the world is truly as absurd as I think it is.  I’m not sure what I’ll share on this blog, it will probably be a mixed bag since I am an expert at absolutely nothing.  I know a little bit about a lot of things but I’m master of none.  I’m finding that is problematic in today’s world of experts.  Actually, it will probably be nothing but absurdly stupid pictures like the one above.  I’m not a great writer and I’ve never thought that I really had that much to say either….my God….you should stop reading this useless drivel now!  It’s obvious that this blog will be yet another useless collection of crap!

I’ll post some of my favorite cat people, some are great finds and others will be ones I’ve cobbled together myself.  I’ll start with my favorite Catronaut.  I have no idea where this image came from If anyone knows let me know and I’ll give credit accordingly.

If you really want to see some absurdly funny images check out this site – Catworks!  This is some funny stuff and unlike me this guy is a real artist.


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